Barbie's Story

   Barbie Dail        As with most cross dressers my first experience was early, in third grade to be exact, when I found a discarded girdle in the attic. Whether it was a compulsion, destiny, or just a fling; I tried it on and loved the feel of the nylon and spandex against my little body. Several times in childhood I would raid my Mother’s dresser and try on those lovely girdles. Fortunately my Mother was slim and the girdles were tight and smooth against my body.
       This ritual continued until I found my own discarded girdle at a friend’s house. I wore this one out over the next few years as a teenager who found quick thrills while wearing it. Fortunately no one found my special hiding place in the trap door of the closet where one accesses the next door bathroom’s plumbing. Just think of the horror if the plumbing ever needed fixing. I was a jock at school with a great girlfriend and could never have faced the humiliation of a girdle discovery.
        By all outside appearances I was a typical, heterosexual, well-adjusted, young man. I just had a special, occasional, pleasurable, but weird, hobby. High school and college passed and the girdle sessions dwindled. Marriage, children and community involvement also did not allow many opportunities. Then in my 40’s, either due to an internal signal, decreasing testosterone, or just the fact of greater opportunities due to travel and grown children, Barbie came to fruition.
        First it was the girdle sessions again, then the girdle and hose sessions, then the girdle hose and bra sessions, etc. Then in quick succession came combinations with wig, make up and jewelry. Each session was more exciting than the last and as the total feminine image developed it became more enjoyable and exciting.

      I practiced with the make up, the different sizes of breast forms, hose colors, waist clinchers, wigs, hip pads and jewelry over a year until I found the best image. Barbie is that special image.

      In retrospect, I’m doing this for me. The Barbie image is the sexy, feminine image I desire and wish to drawl pleasure from – a vicarious situation. It is my second greatest pleasure in life – my family is number one.

      I foud I no longer needed the physical release at the end of each session – the image of becoming Barbie was now sufficient to attain my satisfaction. Barbie and I are great friends – we know each other’s desires better than anyone else. I would not jeopardize her with anyone nor would I let her jeopardize me. Barbie is a part of me that will last a long while and she is my secret partner.

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