Barbie's Fantasy

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Here's Barbie , all decked out in my favorite all in one panty girdle, silky hose, 4" black hells, and a black mini dress.

As usual I am taking my own photo shoot in a nice hotel room while on a business trip.

Unexpectedly there is a fire alarm and I must evacuate.

Sacred beyond belief, not for the fire but for exposing myself in public, I calmly leave the room and go outside. After a few minutes it becomes apparent it was a false alarm and we are told everyone can return to his or her rooms.

Out of the corner of my eye I see an attractive blonde lady in her 30’s staring at me. If looks could undress, hers made me naked, standing there helplessly in the parking lot.

This lady quickly catches up to me as I enter the motel and smiles broadly. I smile back and she asks me my name. At this point I am petrified. If she hears my voice I’m a goner for sure. In my softest and above average tone tell her my name is Barbie.

Before I can recover she compliments me on my dress and legs. She again looks me over up close and smiles broadly once more as she invites me to her room for a drink. My heart rate is over 200 beats per minute with both fear and excitement as I say yes automatically. She gives me her room number and tells me to arrive in 5 minutes sharp.

At the appointed time I hesitantly knock on her door and find it is partially open. She calls from the bathroom and orders me to come in to where she is taking a bubble bath and asks me to rub her back. Fortunately the girdle is keeping me from exposing too much as I lean over to rub her lovely back and shoulders.

One thing leads to another and before long we are racing to the bed for pure lesbian mutual delights. As it turns out, she had guessed Barbie’s identity early on and was looking for the soft, tender and knowing touch that only a CD could apply.  Of course I obliged her completely...


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