A Portrait of Barbie

      Barbie is a Cross-Dresser (CD) who loves being feminine on special occasions. Barbie is 5’ 9" and 145 lbs. and works hard to keep her girlish figure.

      She particularly loves the feminine illusion – a vicarious enjoyment of femininity that is difficult to explain but great to experience.

      Wearing provocative and revealing attire makes her particularly happy. If  she were a woman, there is no doubt she would be a lesbian whore.

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      She started wearing her Mother’s girdle at an early age (8 years old?) and only occasionally wore lingerie (mostly girdles, and hose) until about age 42. Now at age 45, Barbie has learned that a girdle, hose and a quick release are not enough. She has learned the fundamentals of make up, jewelry, wearing high heels, sexy dresses and swimsuits.

      Today Barbie is a happy, heterosexual CD with an unknowing significant other. Barbie is a part of me , an entertaining and exciting part, but one that will always take a lesser position than family, friends, and community. She is an exciting secret that is challenging to hide but worth the effort.


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